Health Information Exchange Software Solutions

BindulogiTechnologies develops custom health information exchange (HIE) software solutions that increase our clients’ productivity and revenue.

HIE Solutions and Services We Deliver

A shortlist of the most demanded HIE software and services connected with it that our professional team of developers delivers.

HIE Interface Development

Implementation of the user interfaces for directed, query-based information exchange for customers. Such software allows real-time data exchange between various healthcare systems disparaged within a single or several healthcare facilities.

HIE Compliance Standards

All our solutions are HIPAA-compliant and meet all of the requirements that are necessary for your specific purposes and territories.

HIE Architecture Engineering

We build HIE solutions that are using all the modern protocols for data transfer (HTTP, MIME, others) and include 3-party interaction possibilities (JSON, XML, REST API) and other web services.

Reduces the number of errors

Info about every patient is now stored in the patient portal, and doctors rely on the software, make a more accurate diagnosis. That eliminates a decent chunk of confusion.

Custom Health Information Exchange

HIE Software Solutions

Our custom HIE solutions are designed to streamline comprehensive and complex integrations between different clinical data systems.

HIE Interface Solutions

Utilize all possible transport communication protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, SFTP, Direct, Web Service (SOAP), and others to ensure error-free secure data transmission.

HIE Interoperability Solutions

Provide seamless integration & interoperability solutions with electronic health systems, practice management systems, and other healthcare software.

HIE Mobile Solutions

Mobile apps for health data exchange are designed with the same level of attention to detail and secure use as their web analogs.

HIE Patient Portal Solutions

If you need a feature-rich secure patient portal for data exchange and transmission from different source systems, we are your go-to company for software development.

HIE Data Management Solutions

Engineer custom health data management solutions (HDMS) integrated with health IoT devices to enable full visibility and control over health data you get from the devices.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integrations Possibilities

HIE software integration services support the data exchange between the following medical data management systems:

Our HIE integration services also target the following medical vendors:


This form of information exchange enables coordinated care, benefitting both providers and patients. I.e.: a primary care provider can directly send electronic care summaries that include medications, problems, and lab results to a specialist when referring their patients.

Pros: Very high performance and resiliency, enables community-based services. Cons: Higher HIE infrastructure/support costs, data ownership concerns. They are solved with the help of modern software.

Interoperability, financial stability, and competitive concerns to name the few.

Who we are

Complex product design, comprehensive technology roadmaps, end-to-end engineering, and scalable solutions.

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Why choose Bindulogic Technologies

Complex product design, comprehensive technology roadmaps, end-to-end engineering, and scalable solutions.

In-depth industry experience

We know the nuances of particular industries that ensure bringing the best result.

Fully customized solutions

Let us know your desired product features, and we will make it happen.

Faster time to market

We bring products to the market as soon as possible and at an affordable cost.