BinduHealth - Patient Portals Module.

Worldwide, healthcare facilities are becoming more and more enamored with patient portal systems. Patients have 24/7 access to their medical history and other sensitive information thanks to that kind of software.


Because of patient portals, people can stay engaged, informed, and knowledgeable about their health without having frequent face-to-face interactions with their doctors.

The advantages of primary patient portals include, but are not limited to, the ability to schedule an appointment with a doctor, speak with that doctor (chatbots are also an option), research information about their health conditions, and gain complete access to their health records.

Patient Portals Have Several Advantages

The following are some of the commercial advantages brought to our clients by the creation of patient portals for their clients.

Give your full attention to the patients.

Healthcare providers like hospitals and clinics are always on the lookout for new ways to keep in touch with their patients. Patient portals are a fantastic resource for this purpose. The value of patient-provider communication through the portal is substantial.

Documentation on Individual Patients Is Now Available 24/7

Patient portals are essential for facilitating access to comprehensive information about a patient's health status and related records. In addition to facilitating communication between patients and healthcare providers, this platform provides patients with access to a wealth of informational resources and a forum in which to discuss topics of interest.

Saves time

Patients and doctors can communicate more easily. This software gives patients access to all of their health records. Patients could converse with chatbots to learn the most frequently asked questions.

enhances workflow

As a result of the ability to automate some of the most monotonous everyday tasks, the staff at the medical center may now enjoy a significant reduction in their daily workload. It is one of the most important features of a patient portal.

lowers the amount of errors

The patient portal data is used by doctors to make more precise diagnosis. That should answer a lot of questions.

Enhances Clinical Results

Patients can also access their bills using their portals. The use of a patient portal app might occasionally give patients payment options for medical services.

Integration of Patient Portal Functions

This is a custom patient portal development project, so the features available will vary. an av

Registration form

We often advise against implementing this feature because social sign-in is not a secure method of authentication. The implementation of two-factor authentication is imminent.

Features for scheduling

With the use of that program, appointments can be scheduled and confirmed. Patients are given access to doctors' schedules and can choose an appointment time that works for them.

Personal profile

Each patient's personal information is stored on the patient portal. It might be a multi-field form that allows users to change their own information and upload avatars.


Patients must have the option to interact with AI in the form of chatbots and send messages to medical professionals.

Push notifications

Extremely helpful for patient portals on mobile devices. Maintains a high level of participation.

Integration with third-party apps

Patients portals are frequently required to be compatible with various third-party systems, which increases the value of the app. A competitive and robust patient portal will meet this requirement. Your software's worth will skyrocket.

Integration of Payments

Patients can also access their bills using their portals. The use of a patient portal app might occasionally give patients payment options for medical services.


Bindulogic’s software tools improve healthcare workflow for many types of institutions, including hospitals, private practices, medical offices, labs, and pharmacies.

We only create medical software items that alleviate customers’ discomfort and match their specifications. The variety of solutions is extensive. They enable the management of all internal operations, including treatment plans, doctor appointments, data entry, document workflow, employee shifts, insurance claims, etc.

With the aid of healthcare software, doctors and patients have access to an effective communication channel that greatly improves efficiency, enables the maintenance of records, and enables the access to sensitive information.
These are the primary advantages of the software:

  • Boost the bottom line
  • Reduce medical personnel tiredness and stress
  • Improve tracking and reporting
  • Reduce patient risk with IoT devices
  • Enhance Healthcare Quality

Bindulogic has a strong and diverse crew. In our teams, we have both front-end and back-end professionals, as well as full-stack software developers with over ten years of expertise in healthcare yield.

They have worked in this field, but with many product types, including web applications, mobile applications, software for wearable devices, cloud products, and API integrations for the apps.

Some facts about our specialists:

Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, TypeScript, and other JavaScript frameworks guarantee a quick and responsive online interface for your product.
Our software engineers are proficient in C#, Node.js, JavaScript, and other professions from the tech stack. This enables us to provide you with the opportunity for a robust, feature-rich build of your product. Manual and automated QA specialists, UI/UX designers, and other essential specialists work for us full time, ensuring that the software is bug-free and meets all requirements for responsive design and user-friendly interface.
Our recruitment professionals are top-notch and constantly on the lookout for the greatest specialists, so if you are to fill a particularly specific requirement that we might not have on hand at the present, we will discover such a professional on the job market.

The answer to this question depends on the type of mobile application you wish to acquire. These are the most frequent requests we receive for medical app development:

  • telehealth mobile apps for online appointments
  • clinical apps for data and information exchange between facilities and their departments
  • medical record apps for quick access to oath doctors and patients
  • patient access portals for convenience of those who seek treatment
  • iot dashboards for analysis of data coming from wearable devices
  • etc.

Simply contact us by clicking the button on our website, and we’ll likely begin implementing your suggestions the week after we meet. Occasionally talks for a complex project, such as the construction of a medical app, take more time, but be assured that we are just as enthusiastic about completing the project quickly as you are.

As a software firm, we take compliance with industry standards, international legislation, and national criteria extremely seriously. Our software is designed to meet or exceed all applicable norms and standards, including those established by OpenMRS, international governing bodies, and national regulatory agencies. (i.e.: MIS,DGHS,BD)

To maintain continued compliance with all applicable standards and requirements, we routinely examine and update our software. In addition, we collaborate extensively with our clients to ensure that our software is suited to their particular needs and meets any additional requirements they may have.

We value data security and privacy in addition to complying with industry standards and regulations. To protect sensitive data and guarantee that our software complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations, we deploy cutting-edge security methods.

Overall, we are devoted to producing high-quality software that complies with all applicable standards, rules, and requirements. We are always delighted to respond to any inquiries our clients may have regarding our compliance procedures and the safeguards we take to protect the safety and security of their data.

Almost any bespoke healthcare software solution that meets your specific requirements can be developed by our expertise.
Whether you need a comprehensive EHR system or a simple mobile app for your hospital, we are prepared to assist you immediately.

Our custom healthcare solutions help hospitals, pharmacies, labs or clinics. They include:

  • patient portals
  • Ticketing & Scheduling
  • E-Prescription
  • Medical Inventory System
  • EHR and EMR systems
  • patient Data Management
  • pharmacy management software
  • telemedicine apps
  • remote health monitoring apps
  • hospital management software
  • medical imaging software , PACS
  • any other types of healthcare software

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Complex product design, comprehensive technology roadmaps, end-to-end engineering, and scalable solutions.

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